Muay Thai is a martial art that is now the national sport of Thailand. It is known as the Science of Eight Limbs due to the importance it places on using the hands, elbows, knees, and legs as weapons.

Techinque[edit | edit source]

  • Kao Loi (เข่าลอย): A Muay Thai technique where the user grabs the back of the target's head with both hands, and brings it to their knee as it rises.
  • Ti Lan: A powerful low kick to back of the opponent's leg, if done correctly it can completely devistate the opponent, even cripple them. This technique works well against fighters who rely on their upper body, like boxers. This technique was taught to Kenichi by Apachai, and was used in his first fight against Takeda Ikki.
  • Sork Klub (ศอกกลับ): A technique in which you draw in an opponent's punch and spin your entire body to lay an elbow strike to the person's head.
  • Ti Sok Klab (ตีศอกกลับ): A spinning elbow strike that can be rapidly used in conjunction to punches and, as a result, it can be difficult to dodge or block. A variaton of Ti Sok, also taught to Kenichi, which is a normal elbow strike.
  • Bolisud Look Mai: After performing the Muay Thai ritual dance in order to analyze the surroundings to gain an advantage over the opponent, Agaard stands up in a prayer-like stance. This form was said by his master to be "absolute power".
  • Dee Sork ToronA Muay Thai technique where the user attacks the opponent with a swift elbow strike aimed at the opponent's head in a downward manner.
  • Apapunch: A Muay Thai punch taught to him by Apachai who was taught by Agaard. It is a powerful upright punch that can kill regular people.
  • Chai Kick: A Muay Thai roundhouse kick to the head. It was the second move taught to Apaichi by Agaard.
  • Ti Kau Kon: An upward kick towards the users face and later a knee to the stomach.
  • Gemon Tepii: A Muay Thai flying knee to the target's head.
  • Tang Guard Muay: Is the main stand for Muay Thai fighting
  • Shoulder Guard: One of the most basic techniques in Muay Thai, the user moves into a position where they can use their shoulders to block an incoming attack to the head. Thanks to being kicked by Apachai so many times during training and surviving, Kenichi has mastered this technique to the point of it being natural for him to use it.
  • Tee Kao Trong: A Muay Thai technique where the user slams the opponent's head directly into the user's knee the same time the knee rises up.
  • Rekka Apunch: (Rekka means blazing or cheap): A faster form of the Apapunch with more strikes to the face.
  • Chai Kick Strong: A more powerful version of the Chai Kick. This version is powerful enough to completely wipe out an entire platoon of soldiers in one shot.
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