Opening Theme:

  1. "Be Strong" by Kana Yazumi (From Episodes 1 to 25)
  2. "Yahho~" by Miho Morikawa, Akira Asakura (From Episodes 26 until the end of the series)

Ending Theme:

  1. "Kimi ga iru kara" by Issei Eguchi (From Episodes 1 to 15)
  2. "Catch Your Dream" by Koike Joanna (From Episodes 16 to 25)
  3. "RunOver" by Koike Joanna (From Episodes 26 to 45)
  4. "Kokoro Kara no Message" by Sakura (From Episodes 46 until 49)
  5. "Be Strong" by Kana Yasumi (Episode 50)
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