The Mutenkendoku-Style of Karate is an incredibly versatile style of karate created by Shio Sakaki's master. It was mentioned by his master that this style is considered to be a style of darkness by Yami, and as such it is one of the types of karate that has been passed down in Yami for generations. He also mentioned that it is a style that was made for actual fighting, and as such it is a very combat-oriented form of karate. Since his master's death, Shio Sakaki is currently the only master shown in the series to use this style, but it should be noted that since it is a style used as a part of Yami's traditions, that there are possibly others who use this style as well. The rival of this style is the Shinchi Nengen-Style.

List of TechniquesEdit

  • Maeba no Kamae: A traditional Karate technique, it is an iron defense that concentrates in the users hands to cross guard the opponents attacks. It is a defensive stance of absolute defense. Despite being a Dou fighter with a highly aggressive fighting nature this is Sakaki's signature battle stance, taken on through Hajime's suggestions.
  • Tenchi Jouge: Also called the stance of Overpowering Annihlation, it is a highly offensive stance.
  • Kuuchuu Sankaku Tobi: Sakaki leaps in the air and appears to change the direction of his jump three times, similar in principle to a double jump.
  • Fudou Sajinbaku: A powerful spinning punch upwards that destroys its target.
  • Doumawashi Juuji Geri: Sakaki turns in a cartwheel-like motion and kicks downward. Right after this downward kick is completed, he turns vertically and executes a horizontal kick.
  • Jinsou Jion Reppa: A move that strikes the opponent in the front and in the back in rapid motions.
  • Shinchi Sekantsuki: Sakaki performs a powerful downward punch that can pierce through anything in it's way. This is the technique that Sakaki used to give Akira Hongo his scar.
  • Morote Seiken Hasami Geri: A double striking move that involves using both fists clashing with each other and kicking upward to leave the opponent vulnerable.
  • Morote Enpi Tobi Hizageri: A very powerful knee kick to the chest and using their users elbows to strike the opponents face.
  • Mourasouken-Zuki: A powerful Karate move that uses the fists and strikes the enemies with a rapid and powerful strike all around.
  • Tetsuki Hyakudan: Sakaki sends powerful front strikes from all over in a straight and upward and downward manner to his opponents.
  • Heian Hyakudan: Sakaki goes behind the opponent to attack them with a powerful bandhanded strike, then a kick from behind, then continues with a series of powerful strikes, resulting in everyone within the range of this attack to be hit.
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