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Reaper vs. Devil is the fifth OVA episode of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi and it was bundled with volume 53 of the manga.


Hayato tries to bribe Kenichi by telling him how he met Apachai Hopachai.


Hayato tries to bribe Apachai and Kenichi when they find out he used Ryōzanpaku funds to buy an ancient manga saying that relaxation is important too. Apachai is easily bribed by food but Kenichi doesn't budge so easily and tells him he will tell Miu about this. Hayato then entices Kenichi by not telling him how he met Apachai, Kenichi budges and listens to how Hayato and Miu came to a poor villages who's money and children were stolen by pirates. They accept to help the villagers and find out that the group of pirates is protected by a strong fighter named Apachai Hopachai. Hayato assaults the pirates vessel backed-up by Miu. The pirate captain Gusco lets Apachai fight Hayato and we find out that the only reason that Apachai helps them was because he got food from Gusco. Once he finds out they are harming the kids he turns against the pirates with Hayato and they free the children and erased Gusco's personalty. They then give them with the treasure of the pirates to the villagers as they bring back their kidnapped children. As Hayato and Miu leave the village they are followed by Apachai who eventually comes with them to Ryōzanpaku. After hearing this Kenichi almost forgot about the manga but unconvinced he tries to tell Miu but the elder uses a mind erasure technique on him.

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