The Yami Jamadkhar Katar User is an assassin from Yami Armed Division. His name is Ortal Sin.


Ethan Stanley ArcEdit

The Yami Katara user was sent by Yami to kill some Indian business mans in a hotel. During his mission he was able to kill all his targets except one little indian girl, but when he was going to kill her Ethan Stanley appears to defend the girl following Yomi's orders. He attacked Ethan, giving him some injuries as he barely escape with the girl thanks to his athletic abilities. Impressed and also because he has already killed all his targets, Ortal let him escape.

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

In chapter 547 he makes an appearance along with Sherman Camus, Cedric Casken, who make their debut and two other weapon masters who are from China and England. All five are summoned by Rin Tachibana awaiting orders.

So far Sherman Camus of France and Cedric Casken of U.K have received orders which was two capture Miu/Kenichi along with a group of gunmen but since then the two have  been defeated by Akisame and Shio Sakaki.

The Katar user along with Germany and Chinese master have yet to receive orders and are on stand by until Rin Tachibana's gives them a mission on behalf of the Hachiou Masters.

Recently he made an appearance and is ready to fight the unarmed Yomi and Shinpaku Alliance Disciple with the help of the Chinese Master who goes by name Chin Sougaku. He was defeated by the Shinpaku Alliance main members Takeda and Renka Ma. After his defeat he commented that Renka and Takeda are on their way to becoming masters themselves.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Kalaripayattu Katar Mastery: Using his Kataras he was able to injure Ethan, one of the members of Yomi, with extreme ease showing great abilities. His martial arts is rooted in the ancient Indian martial art of kalaripayattu that also has various weapons and the Indian master specializes in Katar usage.
  • Enhanced Speed: He has shown in battle impressive speed being able to attack very fast injuring Ethan.