Pengulu Sankan is a Tidat Warrior and one of Silkwat Junazard's failed disciples.


Pengulu is a tall and large muscular man with a Tidat outfit and pants with boots and a bag on his hips. He has several swords on his back. He wears a skull like mask with a hat with horns on the side that are flat and his eyes appear to be very heartless.


Because of Junazard's brainwashing on him, just like he his done to Miu (before she regained her senses), Pengulu is a mindless killing machine and has completely lost his mind, only fighting without any thought of himself. In battle, he is ruthless, showing no mercy to am already worn out Kenichi and will kill anyone, be it children or his own people. However, he does obey Junazard's orders of fighting Miu to teach her a lesson, though Pengulu is still aimed to kill her. He is willing to kill 6 of Silcardo's own men.

Plot OverviewEdit

Pengulu Sankan was brought out when Miu's natural compassion was still holding her back from killing Kenichi due to her feelings for him and ordered to kill her. Just as he overwhelmed her and was about to kill her, Kenichi steps in and saves her at the last second. Pengulu then changed his direction of attack to Kenichi and fought him. As he overwhelmed Kenichi and left him for dead nearly cutting him down on the back, Pengulu fought Miu again and almost killed her due to her memory returning, but Kenichi got up and saved her while bringing her back to her senses. The two then fought Pengulu together and with their combined efforts defeat Pengulu. His only word was wonderful, a compliment when Kenichi and Miu took him down.


Pengulu Sankan is stated by Menang to be just below master class making him an Expert class martial artist. Pengulu is a weapons expert, using multiple weapons during his fight with Kenichi and Miu and overwhelmed the two of them. Even Miu, a highly skilled fighter was no match for him and would have been killed if it had not been for Kenichi's interference. His strength is enough to almost cut through Kenichi's chain guard. It took the combined efforts of Kenichi and Miu to defeat him.

Battle LogEdit

  • vs Kenichi and Miu (loss)
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