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  • Lucha Libre Disciple: Like her master, Rachel speciallizes in Lucha Libre, a style that uses powerful, yet overly flashy attacks. Despite Lucha Libre being a martial art with techniques that are considered to be overly flashy and completely useless in real close combat situations, she is able to effectively perform those techniques on her opponents with little to no effort at all. She is very adept in it and can take on grown men and several opponents on her own and easily win all the while showing off to the crowd and not even fighting them seriously. However, if their is no crowd to cheer for, Rachel reverts to a more straightforward style of combat, using simpler, yet excedingly more powerful attacks. However the simplicity of this second style proved to be a weakness that Renka exploited in order to defeat her. 
  • Enhanced Strength: Rachel is very strong despite her femanine appearance shows for. She's able to take down grown men with little effort. She's also shown to easily harm her larger brother with ease (though Ethan usually can take a beating from most people).
  • Enhanced Speed: Rachel is very fast, capable of keeping Renka on the defense for some time during their fight and even lock her in a head lock till Renka was able to break free.
  • Enhanced Manuverablity: Like Diego, Rachel is very adept to manuvering her body in and out the ring. During her first fight with Rachel, Renka noticed how she was able to read her moves in advance in a way similar to how chinese martial artists reads movements. She also noticed how flexable she is, as Rachel was able to perfecly counter her in a position that most fighers wound not be able to do. Just like in her gymnastics class at school, she is able to break out of any hold anyone has on her with little difficulty and keep her opponents on the defense, which makes her a difficult opponent.