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Ragnarök was described by Haruo Niijima as the strongest gang in Kenichi's neighborhood. They are the main antagonists of the Ragnarök Saga and the main rivals of Kenichi Shirahama. At the time of the introduction of the Eight Fists, Kisara, Hermit, and Loki were able to take on 50 gang members at once without any injuries to speak of.

Most of its members consists of regular thugs, but several members within Ragnarök are not just thugs, but potential martial artists picked out by Isshinsai Ogata. These members are either given special positions or ranks within the divisional groups of Ragnarök, or in special cases, given leadership positions. For example, before officially becoming a member of the eight fists, Kisara was given command of several members and groups, along with Shinnosuke Tsuji who was in command of his own troops. There are different groups in Ragnarök, each with its own chain of command. Kisara's group, for example had people like Tsukuba and Shiratori in certain positions. Kisara also had Takeda Ikki, Kōzō Ukita, and Taichi Koga under her command, christening them as the "Technique Trio". Out of all the groups in Ragnarök, the strongest fighters within Ragnarök are known as the Seven Fists, later renamed the Eight Fists after Kisara Nanjō joined.

The Eight Fists are known as the eight strongest fighters in the whole organization, with all eight members being martial artists who can more than easily take down 50 or more gang members alone, and are in control of their own groups within the gang, with the exception of people like Siegrfried, Hermit, and Berserker, who all preferred to work alone. While the Eight Fists are the strongest in the whole organization, even they have their own chain of command as the first three fists, known simply as the Three of Cards were hailed not only as of the three founding members but also as the most powerful members of them all, with the First Fist, Odin being in charge of the entire organization. After Kenichi defeats Odin, Ragnarök becomes disbanded and Shinpaku Alliance substitutes it as the strongest local fighter group. Ryūto Asamiya also told Miu Fūrinji that Ragnarök was established to oppose Yomi before Kenichi defeated them.

Eight Fists[]