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Ryūsui Seikūken is an advanced form of the original Seikūken. Instead of extending the radius of the Seikūken, it turns that principle inward, reducing it to a thin layer above the skin to dodge the opponent's attacks at the last possible second. This principle is necessary because dodging at the final moment before an attack hits saves time and energy. An absolutely calm mind is necessary to be able to use it, as even a slight degree of emotion will disrupt the technique. This move is described by Miu Fūrinji as the ultimate form of Sei. Ikki Takeda can also use the technique, but only up to the first level. Kensei Ma commented that, "It's shallow, but Ryūsui Seikūken has definitely been activated". This technique involves understanding one's opponent and feeling their rhythm. The user may be able to sense the nature of their opponent's spirit and inadvertently lose concentration based on what they discover.

Steps []

There are 3 levels in of Ryūsui Seikūken. These levels could also be thought of as steps in a sequence to the next level:

  1. First Level: Read the opponent's flow.
  2. Second Level: Combining the opponent's movements with your own.
  3. Third Level: Overpower the opponent by anticipating his moves and use his flow against him before he even thinks of it.

How to Use[]

The key is to mount an offences in between an opponent's attacks, which requires a great deal of precision and timing.

Hayato Furinji taught this technique to Kenichi Shirahama probably because Kenichi is already has a vast knowledge of the fundamental of martial arts, which he gained from his masters. Kenichi's knowledge allows him to react to his opponent more intuitively.


In Battle 346, Ethan Stanley mentioned that although the user is looking into their opponents eyes, they're really focusing in on their breathing. Thus, the technique, or at least, the first level, may be disrupted by yoga breathing techniques.

This happens to Kenichi when he is disgusted by how corrupted Miu had become through adopting a violent, destructive spirit.

Known Users[]

  1. Hayato Fūrinji created this technique.
  2. Mikumo Kushinada
  3. Kenichi Shirahama is the second person to use this technique, learning it from the Elder himself.
  4. Ikki Takeda is capable of using the technique through training with his master, James Shiba, though has yet to master it as well as Kenichi has.

 Fighter's Who Have Successfully Broken This Technique[]

  1. Ethan Stanley
  2. Tirawit Kokin
  3. Shōgo Kitsukawa