An upgraded version of Shinto Gōrenzan, Sōto Kyōrenzan is a techinque created by Hachirobe Kōsaka. Shinto Gōrenzan is a mental state where the user moves in sync and becomes one with their weapon, but this technique goes beyond that mental state. Not only does the user syncronize with their own weapons, but they also sync with the enemy's weapon and makes it a part of their movements too, allowing the user to move with so much speed and precision with the weapons, that all the syncronized weapons within range of the technique basically reflects a white silhouette-like image of the next set of movements that the user is performing with that weapon, creating what can only be described as a weapons' "fighting shadow", and the more weapons that are synced, the more shadows that can be created. This process allows the user to attack multiple opponents with an onslaught of attacks, using the various fighting shadows and the user's Ki to attack and confuse her opponents to the point where they have no choice but fight back against the shadows. This is the Final Technique of the Kōsaka Weapon Style and is also the most dangerous and reckless technique of the style.

Although using this technique grants the user an immense level of speed and skill, it leaves the user dangerously open to counterattacks as they sacrifice their own safety to achieve this technique, as seen when Shigure recklessly uses this technique to allow Kenichi and Miu to escape.

  • Initial Stance
  • Weapons Synchronizing
  • Fighting Shadows
  • Shadows fighting against Masters 1
  • Shadows fighting against Masters 2
  • Shadows being formed
  • Recklessness of Sōto Kyōrenzan
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