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Satomi Kajima is the current leader of Yomi, the disciple team of Yami, succeeding Shō Kanō after the latter's death. He is the disciple of two masters: the "One Shadow" of Yami, Saiga Fūrinji, and the current Head of the Kuremisago Clan, Senzui.


Kajima grew up with a very weak body and was told he wouldn't live to the age of 20. Since he was going to die in any case, he decided to pursue martial arts and that is when he encountered Senzui. Enduring his training Kajima noticed that he was able to overcome his weakness and change his destiny thanks to martial arts. From that day on Kajima decided to devote his body and soul to martial arts. Having developed talent, he was trained by both Saiga and Senzui in numerous battles, one of which cost him his left eye during a training session, but Kajima was instead overjoyed he was able to contribute to martial arts.

At some point he joined YOMI and also became Saiga Furinji's disciple.


Kajima has tanned skin, dark scraggy hair and is covered in scars all around his body. He also wears an eyepatch over his left eye which he lost to his hellish training. He has a muscular body and wears bandages wrapped around his forearms, along with a vest with a fur collar worn unzipped over a sleeveless muscle shirt and jeans that seem tight on his body.


Among his fellow YOMI members, Kajima always has a calm air about him and has a sense of humor, a great difference when compared to the others. He initially seemed extremely intelligent, easily beating Tirawit Kokin, Chikage Kushinada, and Chou Enshin at Chess, Igo, and Shogi respectively at the same time, though it was later revealed he only beat them because he could read their heart, and in essence their minds.

He also has a great interest in the Shinpaku Alliance, specifically Kenichi Shirahama as he was able to beat three YOMI members at the time. This interest is revealed to come from being, like Kenichi, having no talent in martial arts and he had to go through countless battle and training in order to gain the talent that he didn't have and knowing that there is a fellow disciple with similar circumstances and there is a chance to exchange blows with him. He also think it's a shame that thing turn as they did. However, underneath his calm demeanor appears to be that of a death aura, as other members of the Shinpaku Alliance noted how they felt a great shaking Ki from when he approached them.

Kajima's true colors were shown greatly during the Eternal Sunset. Kajiima was shown to be modest as he was embarrassed when he saw Shigure without her clothes and used his jacket to cover her. He also follows the word of his masters to the letter as when one of his masters ordered him to help Shigure escape and did so despite her being the enemy, and even went as far as to willingly help Kenichi Shirahama, Miu Furinji and Niijima get into the base, just so he could follow the the other's order to kill any intruders. He also is, in some ways, more honorable than he appears, as he believes that martial artist don't kill in vain. 

Hauro Niijima performed a complete evaluation on Kajima Satomi's personality. In his own words he stated that Kajima: "is the type with honest eyes, who's very frank. Once he believes in something, he sees it to the end." Niijima also stated that If he wasn't on the side of Satsujinken, he could have been a hero. He pointed out that Kajima's eyepatch and wounds were proof of his efforts and a hint on how he handles dangerous situations, and went as far as saying that even his clothing is a sign that he is acknowledged as a boss-like figure, despite the fact that he prefers to be in solitude. Finally, Niijima says that the way he behaves shows that he definitely has a dual nature within him. The accuracy of this evaluation was so great, that when he heard it, Kajima openly showed his anger, and tried to crush Niijima's skull with his bare hands.

Kajima, while fighting Kenichi, figured out that Kenichi started martial arts because of Miu and when Kenichi revealed his other reasons Kajima made it clear that he believe that will lead to Kenichi losing his battle and revealed his past along with his love for martial arts and he would throw away any woman and his own life for the sake of martial arts. Kajima also accused Kenichi with using martial arts as a tool and then stated that their fist will reveal who is it that is right.


Originally Kajima Satomi had no talent for martial arts as stated by both of his masters and it was said that he wouldn't live to the age of twenty due to his weak body. Thus, he had to go through hellish training and work extremely hard in order to forcefully gain the talent that he needed and from that hellish training Kajima's body became stronger and he managed to stay alive beyond his life expectancy.

  • Mixed Martial Artist: Having been trained in both Fūrinji Style and Kuremisago Style, Kajima is an extremely talented and powerful fighter. His skills in both styles is so great that he's not only able to see an S-class fighter like Michael Sctilvay's scythe swing at him but he was even able to dodge it. He was able to even overwhelm a berserk Miu in her Dou Ki mode with little effort. His skills are so great that Kenichi wonders how Kajima is capable of being a disciple-class fighter.
  • Empathy Reader: Kajima originally seemed incredibly intelligent due to his skills at board games, but it was later revealed that he won because he could read people's hearts and in essence their actions and personalities.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kajima has enough physical power to hang himself on a chain using his toes, and destroy a motorcycle without any real effort. He was later able to easily hold Kenichi down with just his hand and simultaneously lift Niijima in the air and almost crush his skull with little effort had Kenichi not intervened. Kajima is able to completely overpower Kenichi in one-on-one combat, breaking Kenichi's will to fight for a brief moment. The full testimate to his strength is that Kajima is able to block both Kenichi's Muybioshi and Kouri Nuki, his strongest moves, with brute strength alone, which left everyone, even an S-class master as powerful as Shigure shocked by how strength alone defended himself from such powerful attacks.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: It was noted by Kenichi that Kajima's body is incredibly flexible, so flexible that his attacks and movements do not have the same flaws that most muscular people usually have because of their bulk and size. Because of this flexiblity, Kajima is able to intercept and counter Kenichi's attacks move for move.
  • Killing Intent: Each of the Shinpaku members who met Kajima, except Chiaki Yūma, claimed they felt a dark aura emanating from him that frightened them.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kajima is an extremely fast fighter, as he was able to easily dodge Michael Sctilvay's scythe swinging at him with ease.
  • Immense Dou Ki: By his own admission, Kajima possesses dou ki he claims to be more powerful than Miu's own Dou Ki. Kajima states his dou ki is authentic and pure and, unlike Miu who loses control of herself, Kajima is capable of using so much that he was able to overwhelm Miu with little effort


DofD Tournament Arc[]

Kajima first appears after Shō Kanō's death when he is made the new leader of YOMI.

Yomi in School Arc[]

He later appears and offers the members of the Shinpaku Alliance a chance to join YOMI, with them dying if they refused. After Kokin's failed attempt at killing Kenichi, Kajima promptly forbids him from engaging Kenichi just yet, explaining that Tirawit needs to let the other members of YOMI have their "turns" first. He stops Rachel from escaping her confinement and says she has to stay under house arrest due to her master being locked up.

Okinawa Arc[]

He is later shown with his fellow YOMI members discussing Kenichi's fight with Kokin and how he states Kokin was able to beat him at his games. After arguing with Rachel over who should fight Kenichi, he greets Natsu and wonders what is on his mind and his heart as Kajima was unable to read his thoughts and stated that Hermit is skilled at concluding his heart.

The Eternal Sunset Arc[]

Kajima is present when introducing the weapon's team disciples Hyougo and a female one and tells everone to get along. He's surprised how Chikage and Lugh aren't present and wonder what they're doing. When Rachel gets in a fight with Hyougo and asked by Hermit if they should stop them, Kajiima laughs saying this was likely going to happen.

Later, as the armed and unarmed Yomi members gather, when a fight was about to start between the armed and unarmed division disciple Kajiima stop it and tell them to wait a little longer to fight as the enemy is coming and state that martial artists don't kill in vain.

Later he visits Shigure and was shocked and embarrassed for seeing her without clothing. Kajiima cover Shigure with his jacket and state that she have different level of will power than Yami and the Hachiou members. He then admits his desire to fight the strongest disciple. Shigure ask who's disciple he is and he tells her that his master is the one shadow and ask if its true that Kenichi was trained by more than five masters which Shigure admit it to be true and she is one of them. Kajiima laughs and says that it's amazing and Kenichi must have talent as well as physical strength, but Shigure tell him that Kenichi have no talent. Kajiima then mention the rumour about the training of Ryouzanbaku disciple should not be taken lightly and then tell Shigure that he is a disciple of two masters, despite that it should be a secret, and both of his masters told him that he doesn't have any talent thus he went through countless battle and training in order to gain the talent he didn't have and to think that there is a fellow disciple with similar circumstances like him and to be able to exchange blows, though he admits that it's a shame that things turn out like this. Kajima then state that they are going through a great war and wish that both are lucky to meet again alive. Shigure notes a weapon on the jacket Kajiima covered her with and ask him why he's helping her escape and he tells her that he is doing what one of his masters ordered him to do and that the weapons research team have petitioned to spare her life and it will be a waste to kill the one who has the ability to win those stubborn bunch in a short time. He then leaves while laughing and Shigure smile and thinking that Kajiima reminds her of Kenichi. Kajiima then returns to the other disciples as they prepare for their upcoming battle.

Kajime stays behind at the base while the other disciples (except his 2 female assistants) go out to fight the Shinpaku Alliance. As Kenichi and Miu arrive at the base Kajima greets them, who has been waiting for them. He introduces himself as Ichiei's Yomi and tells them that he knows a much safer route to get into the base. Miu and Kenichi have their misgivings of following him but Kajima reminds them that Shigure is also inside the base and they follow him. Making their way inside the base, Kenichi asks Kajima if this is a trap and Kajima laughs and responds that Kenichi really is interesting.

Kajima leads Kenichi, Miu, and Niijima to the cell where Shigure is being held to find that she has already escaped. Kenichi asks if he helped her and Kajima explains that he was ordered by his master to let Shigure escape, making Kenichi think that Saiga couldn't be evil, being Miu's father. Kajima grins and reaches out his hand towards Kenichi to give him a handshake.

Kenichi reaches out to shake Kajima's hand but Niijima stops Kenichi because he is being naive and he uses his "Niijima Eye" on Kajima. He analyzes his profile of Kajima and when he states that he senses a dual nature in Kajima, causing him to take notice and compliment Niijima.

Kajima confirms that he has two masters and as he shakes Kenichi's hand he adds that he has an order from his other master: to kill any intruders. Kenichi is restrained through Kajima's handshake and Miu is attacked by Kajima's assistants. Kajima adds that Niijima is especially dangerous and that he has to be killed. Kajima grabs Niijima by the head and begins crushing his skull but he is stopped by Kenichi who manages to kick out from his position. Kajima says that he has heard Kenichi is a slow starter and while Miu confirms that is true Kenichi is able to unleash his power when he needs to protect someone important. Kenichi and Kajima take their stances and prepare to fight and Kajima adds that he has been looking forward to fighting Kenichi.

Kenichi and Kajima take their stances as they prepare to battle. Kajima confirms he has been taught both Furinji and Kuremisago style and says that one of his masters is indeed Saiga Furinji while the other is the most powerful leader of the Kuremisago and is named Senzui.

Niijima tries to talk to Kajima as he had been ordered to get them inside the base (by Miu's father) but Kajima adds that he was also ordered by Senzui to kill them and he has been wanting to fight against Kenichi. Niijima tries to sneak away from the battles but Kajima runs past Kenichi and aims an attack at Niijima to stop him. Kenichi appears and catches Kajima's strike and manages to connect with his Strongest Combo, Series 1. Kajima recovers and attacks with a kick which is caught and stopped by Kenichi's kick. Kenichi manages to push down Kajima's foot and subdue his kick, causing Kajima to acknowledge Kenichi's strength and he is seen doing some gestures on both of his hands. Kajima uses a "seal" which raised his kicking power to the point that he was able to push Kenichi off the ground and into the air.

Kajima says he uses seals for his fighting style and states that by utilizing these seals he is able to draw out power from man's history. Kajima lands a kick on Kenichi, who is pushed back despite guarding against the blow. Kenichi asks if he is indeed part of the Kuremisago, Kajima refutes this but says that the two fighters with him (who are fighting Miu) are members of the Kuremisago. Kenichi gets an opening after dodging a kick from Kajima and aims a punch against Kajima's guard arm. Kajima deflects the attack with such force that Kenichi backs off and wonders if Kajima is actually a disciple. Kajima is shown performing a seal with his toes that increases his arm strength and he launches a Fuurinji style technique, Chigiguruma (Thousand Tree Wheel), hitting Kenichi and slamming him against a wall, leaving Kenichi visibly shaken by Kajima's overwhelming strength.

Just then, Kajima stands over Kenichi and is surprised that Schtilvay has arrived. Schtilvay tells Kajima to finish off Kenichi but Kajima is checking to see if Kenichi stands up to fight again. Schtilvay dismisses this and is about to attack Kenichi but he is stopped by Kajima and asks to allow him to defeat Kenichi as he was ordered by his master to do so. Schtilvay relents and expresses his understanding of the situation, much to Kajima's relief, but Schtilvay continues his attack saying that he understands that he really can't get along with the barehanded team.

As he swings his scythe, Kajima is able to dodge it, much to Kenichi's shock. Just then Hongo enters and saves Kenichi and defeats and sends Schtilvay out the building. Kajima commends Kenichi on seeing a master's attack and says that he has done the same after countless battles. Kenichi asks if Kajima started without any natural talent much like him, and Kajima is happy for this chance to fight against someone like him. Miu notices a change in Kajima's aura while Kenichi gets an unexplainable feeling, stating that he also wants to exchange blows against Kajima as the two resume their battle.

The two continue to exchange blows as Kenichi prepares Ryuusui Seikuken in order to read Kajima's flow but his concentration is broken when Kajima asks if he likes Miu. Kajima deduces that Kenichi started his path to martial arts because of Miu and Kenichi affirms that he's motivated to fight to protect those important to him and carry out his beliefs. Kajima answers that Kenichi's reasoning is why he will lose; Kajima fights for the sake of martial arts and would not hesitate to sacrifice himself or another in order to win.

Kajima explains how he used to have a weak body and was told he wouldn't live past 20 years. Since he was going to die in any case, he decided to pursue martial arts and that is when he encountered Senzui. Enduring his training Kajima noticed that he was able to overcome his weakness and change his destiny thanks to martial arts. From that day on Kajima decided to devote his body and soul to martial arts and he mocks Kenichi for using them as a tool for his personal beliefs. Kenichi retorts that it is Kajima's way of thinking that reduces martial arts to mere violence and he notices that Kajima has closed his eyes. This prevents Kenichi from using Ryuusui Seikuken to read his flow and Kajima hits Kenichi with one of his techniques. Kenichi survives Kajima's attack as Kajima notes that Kenichi was able to read his movements by touching him and changing his attacks' trajectory. Taking advantage of the battle, Niijima has been slowly hiding his aura to escape but Kajima takes notice. Before Kajima can catch him, however, Kenichi stops Kajima and manages to land a punch on him.

Kenichi is able to follow Kajima's movements without meeting his eyes using Ryuusui Seikuken's second form and sensing his choukei (vibrations from the body). Kenichi correctly reads that Kajima wants to chase after Niijima but Kajima adds that Niijima will not survive wandering the Yami base by himself. Kajima senses Kenichi's impatience and Miu voices the sentiment that Niijima may not survive by himself. Kenichi exchanges punches with Kajima, and Kajima notices that both Kenichi and Miu are moving the battle while engaging their opponents, hoping to assist Niijima.

Just as they arrive at Niijima's location. Kajima punches Kenichi against a wall from Kajima's attacks. He then sees Saiga and calls him "Ichiei-sama", making Miu realize that Saiga is her father. She walks towards Saiga (who tells Kajima to stand down) and he holds his daughter in his arms, then proclaims that he was the one who killed her mother. Kajima senses killing intent from Miu and restrains her just as Saiga dodges a kick from Miu. Kajima asks his master what he should do and Saiga answers that he would not give her special treatment, adding that anyone who gets in the way of their plans have to be killed. Miu is on a rampage as Kajima steps in to fight Miu, who surrounds Kajima with a series of attacks. Kajima commends the quality of Miu's dou ki as he announces that he'll show his ki as well, as he catches Miu leg and slams her into the ground.

Kajima exclaims that his dou ki is authentic, pure, and stronger compared to Miu's as he charges towards to defeat her. However Kenichi recovers and slams against Kajima to keep him away from Miu.

After discovering that Saiga is really his master Senzui, Kajima is caught in the explosion from both his master's clash. Recovering, he listen's to Shigure's words and resumes his battle with Kenichi. Kajima commends Kenichi's endurance despite the damage he has taken and praises his dedication to martial arts. Kenichi activates the second level of Ryuusui Seikuken to defend against Kajima's attacks but the Yami disciple collects ki in his fists and attacks with Shinogidachi. Although Kenichi guards the attack with his right arm he feels that he cannot channel his power through it. Kajima forces his way through Kenichi's guard and lands a glancing blow on his chest.

Kenichi feels the same sensation of weakness on his chest where he was hit as Kajima explains his technique: a burst of ki that cuts off the channels on the target's body. Kenichi is surprised as blood is seen dripping out of Kajima's eyepatch and Kajima explains the history behind his use of the technique.

Niijima thinks Kajima is crazy after hearing his story but Kenichi expresses that he understands Kajima; he has devoted his life for the sake of martial arts. Kajima begins collecting ki on his hands once again and Kenichi charges forward to stop the technique. Kenichi is able to spot Kajima's korui and launches Korui Nuki while Kajima attacks with Shinogidachi. Kenichi is forced aside as Kajima repels his attack and he loses power in his leg, stating that Kajima's technique is able to defeat all of his techniques.

Kenichi notices Kajima charging up his ki again for Shinogidachi and he charges in to stop the technique. Kenichi connects with his Mubyoshi which Kajima counters with another technique: Rentangai. Kenichi's fist is blown away and Kajima is unscathed, his technique is an application of Shinogidachi on his own body and letting him defend against attacks. Kajima accounces that his name within Yami is "Ichimokuren", saying that he is like a lump of steel that beats and forges itself. Kajima charges towards Kenichi with another Shinogidachi as Kenichi takes his stance. Kajima is then seen thrown against the wall as Kenichi activates the third level of Ryuusui Seikuken, reading Kajima's movements and using the flow of his own attacks against him.

Kajima recovers from being slammed against the wall and comments that the ultimate sei technique Kenichi used felt like his ki was being controlled. Kenichi states that he used his ki to read Kajima's flow and matched his attack against it: the third level of Ryuusui Seikuken. Kajima smiles as he is further intrigued to fight against Kenichi and Shigure asks if Kajima is worried about his two masters fighting. Kajima dismisses Shigure's concern and expresses his delight in that his masters' battle will result in further development of martial arts. However, Kenichi says that Kajima is lying and that he could feel confusion and sadness from his fists and that he cannot be happy that his masters are fighting to kill each other. Kajima tells Kenichi that he is wrong and he charges up his ki for Shinogadachi.

Using the third level of Ryuusui Seikuken Kenichi is able to dodge Kajima's attacks. Kajima attacks with another Shinogidachi but Kenichi reads and disrupts Kajima's flow, allowing him to evade and counterattack with a throw. Kajima recovers from Kenichi's throw and rushes back in with a Shinogidachi kick but he merely passes through Kenichi and hits a wall. Kajima launches another kick from behind Kenichi, who manages to evade once again, then follows up with a Shinogidachi combo which Kenichi dodges by a hair's breadth. Kenichi jumps in the air to avoid Kajima's last strike but Kajima appears behind him and takes advantage of the opening by using Misagootoshi, burying Kenichi's upper half into the floor.

Kajima uses Shinogidachi and attemps to slam Kenichi into the ground but Kenichi narrowly escapes. Kajima commends Kenichi on being able to focus his ki to augment his defense (which Kenichi attributes to his training at Ryozanpaku) but adds that all his training is useless against Shinogidachi. Kajima focuses his ki for Shinogidachi but is stopped by the technique's side effects. Kenichi worries about Kajima's condition but Kajima advises him not to show concern to his enemy. Kenichi asks if Kajima means to keep damaging himself after having his life saved by martials arts, to which Kajima repeats that his life exists for the sake of martial arts.

Kajima takes off his armor and explains that he will use a technique that he invented himself and that he had been forbidden to use it by his masters because of the danger it poses. Kenichi accepts Kajima's challenge and takes off his dougi, tekkou, and chain vest, saying that he needs to remove extra weight to ensure that his new technique will connect. Miu is surprised as she does not know what technique Kenichi means.

Kenichi and Kajima face off as Kenichi takes the first step and performs a chop in the same motion as drawing a sword. Kajima prepares Shinogidachi and aims a punch at Kenichi but he misses. He follows up with another punch and a kick but Kenichi manages to evade them and finds an opening to use his new technique: Shutou Muzan. Kenichi lands a direct hit on Kajima but notices an odd reaction as Shigure observes that Kajima has channeled Shinogidachi throughout his entire body. He then uses his new move: Kai Shinogidachi and deals a devestating blow on Kenichi.

Kenichi manages to remain standing after the attack but he notices that he is unable to move his hands and legs. Shigure and Miu notice that something is wrong and that the ki flow in Kenichi's body has been cut off. Kajima declares his victory but is taking no chances; although Kenichi's heart has stopped Kajima aims to destroy his head to ensure the kill.

However Kenichi, having regained consciousness, catches Kajima's fist in his hand and Kajima is surprised that he is able to recover after having his ki flow cut off. Miu notices that Kenich has nullified Kajima's Shinogidachi and Shigure observes that Kenichi is utilizing the "holding" of ki. Pain shoots through Kajima's arm as he realizes that Kenichi has reversed the flow of Shinogidachi back to him.

Kajima states that there are fighters who have survived because of their immense willpower despite a lack of talent and he is impressed that Kenichi was able to devise a counter to Shinogidachi despite being close to death, declaring that martials arts has progressed once again. Kajima prepares Kai Shinogidachi but Shigure jumps in to stop the battle, as the next use of the technique will result in Kajima's death. Kajima replies that he has been prepared for death since the beginning and that even his death it will engrave the memory of the Furinji and remaining Kuremisago inside of Kenichi, declaring that death is food that nourishes the martial arts.

Kajima charges in with Kai Shinogidachi and Kenichi prepares to repel Kajima's ki, but he notices that repelling such a large amount of ki would result in Kajima's death. Kajima mocks Kenichi for wavering from the battle to care about his opponent but Kenichi replies that much like Kajima he also has his beliefs. Everyone is surprised as Kenichi lets his guard down and takes the Kai Shinogidachi directly, declaring that he is of the Katsujinken.

Kajima slams Kenichi against a wall and the wall begins to break as if hit by a powerful force; Kajima notices that Kenichi allowed Kai Shinogidachi to pierce through him and diffused all the ki to the wall behind him. Kenichi puts his hands forward to prepare his Mubyoushi stance and he attacks Kajima with Ryuusui Mubyoushi. Kajima is knocked away by the attack and is surprised that the damage to his ki flow from using Shinogidachi is being healed, as he recognizes the strength of the Katsujinken. He then falls defeated as Senzui looms over his fallen disciple mentioning how he could never imagine his disciple being defeated by someone who has no talent.

He is later approached by Saiga who states he's proud of his disciples fight and if he truly wishes to advance martial arts, then he must live to do so.

Battle Log[]


  • Kajima is the second person have more then one master and doesn't have any talent for the Martial Arts. The first is Kenichi Shirahama.
  • Kajima is, literally, Kenichi´s satsujinken equivalent. Both are disciples who doesn´t have any talent for the Martial Arts, incredible will power, trained by two or more masters, and his names have the same initial letters K and S (Kenichi - Kajima, Shirahama - Satomi).
  • Kajima is the fourth person to cause Kenichi heart to stop. The first being Apachai Hopachai during their training together, the second is Tirawit Kōkin during YOMI at the school arc and the third is The Elder during the time he was teaching Kenichi the hold of Ki.
  • Ichimokuren (一目連) is a god who is believed to control the weather. Some legends say the he was originally a dragon who had lost an eye.[1]


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