A Jujitsu technique that throws the opponent without touching him. The user takes advantage of the opponents instincts and guides them to falling. This move does not work against somebody who is willing to throw away his own life, as shown when Alexander takes measures to counter it with his "Forward March of Death".

Kōetsuji has stated that uses this specifically on masters due to their fast reflexes. He has also thought about teaching Kenichi this move to use against Kaku Shin Ten, but recalled that Kenichi did not know the move. It can be speculated from this that those whose skills at evasion are not polished will simply be struck by the incoming limb that is meant to guide them into falling. Akisame had also tested this technique against Shio Sakaki.

It is also possible that this move is related to Kushinada-style Jujitsu, which utilizes 100% skill and 0% strength. This possibility is enhanced by the fact that Kōetsuji does not use strength when he uses this move, relying entirely on timing and reflexes. Furthermore, when Kenichi observed Mikumo Kushinada throwing Diego Carlo into the sea, it appeared that Diego made the jump himself, and Mikumo used no effort to lift up the larger, heavier man.

In real ju-jutsu this principle also exists but works a little different. Two things are necessary to use this technique:

  • The user needs to be of an extremely high level, and needs to be able to express his/her "ki" (usually shown in the manga as killing intent).
  • An opponent that is of an very high level, since low, middle and even advanced level martial artists cannot sense ki (or killing intent in the manga and anime).

Only very few people are able to use this technique in real live.