An extremely powerful sword technique whereas the user seemingly fuses with their sword and changes their appearance to that of a white wraith like silhouette. While in this mode the user can unleash devastatingly powerful sword strikes.

This technique is the epitome of Shigure's philosophy that one must fight with their weapons as one. This technique cannot be learned through pure skill but the user must have an intimate bond with their sword and there must be trust between the sword and user. As Kii Kagerō puts it, you and the sword must love each other. The greater the bond, the greater the ease this technique can be performed and the greater the overall potency of the attack. As a result, this technique is known as the highest level of sword mastery. It has been shown that this technique can be performed as long as the user has a blade of some kind in their possession, as the Hachiō Executioner Blade members who own a bladed weapon are all able to use this technique. 

Hsdk 57-00197

Shigure Kōsaka using Shinto Gōrenzan against Mihai Ştirbey

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