The Spear of the Core is a member of Yami Armed Division and one of the Spears of Kurokonoe.


His hair is tied back in a high ponytail, and he is missing one of his eyes.


He thinks that he can take on all of the Ryozanpaku masters at once, showing that he holds a high degree of arrogance.


The Spear of the Core along with the other Spears of Kurokonoe and Kyoken no Izayoi fought against the masters of Ryozanpaku in the Yami base of Okinawa. Spear of the Core met the Ryozanpaku masters in the lobby of the secret base and boasted that he can take on all of the masters at once, which angered Sakaki who decided to take on the Chinese styled spear user. At first the Spear of the Core seemed to have the advantage as he dodged all of Sakaki's attacks while landing several hits on the Karate master. Eventually he lost his cool when Sakaki ripped off the decoration on his spear and was later defeated when he was baited into attacking Sakaki's stomach with his full power, only to get punched in the face as the Karate master had pushed all of his vital organs upwards.


The Spear of the Core was a formidable opponent. Like most true weapons masters, he views his weapon as not a tool, but an extension of his own self. He can use his spear to untie several strings tied into knots in an instant without cutting them. He managed to prove a fair opponent for Sakaki, being able to cut him multiple times with his spear. He boasts significant physical strength, being able to thrust his spear through marble pillars and create shockwaves that can slide his opponents with air pressure.