The Spear of the West was a member of Yami and one of the Spears of Kurokonoe.


The Spear of the West is a fully armored black knight. Underneath he is a really good looking man and probably blonde.


The Spear of the West is very honorable and shows some form of being a gentlemen. For example, he gave Shigure her clothes back after piercing the clothes off earlier in the fight and later he is seen giving her a ride on his horse.


Okinawa ArcEdit


Spear of the West (Left) with the other Spears of Kurokonoe

The Spear of the West along with the other Spears of Kurokonoe and Kyoken no Izayoi fought against the masters of Ryozanpaku in the Yami base of Okinawa. He was challenged first in a simple battle and then in a joust against Shigure during which Shigure was able to pierce his tough helm with a simple bamboo branch but throwing away his spear he was able to catch the bamboo branch. Fallen from the horse he asked to Shigure why she hasn't attacked his horse being the most easy thing, then Shigure answered that he didn't attack her pet mouse so she hasn't attacked his horse. The knight then smiled and says that he would have dueled with blade but for some reason he has no desire to match her in swordplay, so he decided to give up honorably. He then accompanies her on his horse to her friends.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Spear of the West was a formidable opponent who specialized in jojutsu and was hinted to be both a capable lancer and swordman. He is also an excellent horserider being able to fight against Shigure on her motorbike while he was on horseback the entire time.

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