Supreme Silat is a style created by Silcardo after he mastered all styles of Silat.

List of TechinquesEdit

  • Boushinha Shougeki: Jenazad punches one fist on each side of his opponent's head simulatenously, knocking him/her unconsicous. This may be what Jenazad meant by removing the green (Lucha Libre) from Rachel Stanley. This is first seen used on Miu and is similar to Hayato's Shockwave of Forgetfulness.
  • Penembakan Hasrat Membunuh: A killing intent emitted from Jenazad, which he can use to confuse the opponent into misunderstanding the killing intent that is emitted from him as someone else's. Penembakan means shots, hasrat means intent, and membunuh means killing.
  • Jatuhan Puncak Pohon: A jumping striking technique that Jenazad uses to jump backwards and strike his enemy with his hands outward.
  • Tendangan Guling Tanah: A kicking attack that involves Jenazad striking upside down and kicking his opponent with a side kick to the face.
  • Rear Crush: A jumping attack that involve Jenazad using his arms and legs while striking his opponent with a slashing move.
  • Whirling Thunder: A technique that involves Jenazad jumpin up in a spin and using his arms to defend from and attack upwards and using his legs to kick downward.
  • Rolling Ghost: One of the secret Silat techniques, a powerful Silat move that involves the user striking at the victim's vital points whilst spinning around the victim, making it near impossible to dodge.
  • Saruarsa Umeguraha: The user sits down with their legs crossed and strikes upward with their arms in a straight upward manner.
  • True Breathing Throw: like Akisame Kostsuji, Jenazad created a technique which takes advantage of a Master level Martial Artists reflexes to throw their opponent without touching them. Jenazad attacks and follows through with his grapples forcing the enemy to dodge out of the way or be killed. Dodging this way forces the enemy to throw themselves as if they had been throw by Jenazad without restraint.
  • Topan Kait: A Pencak Silat move. Miu unleases a series of kicks upside down toward the opponent from behind.
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