The Titan Arc is the twenty-eighth arc in the History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi series and the eighteeth arc in the Yami/YOMI Saga.


The new threat of YOMI: The Return of Berserker

The story begins in the Shinpaku Alliance Headquarters as Kenichi Shirahama and Miu Furinji arrived late to see the fighters training. Haruo Niijima explained that Siegfried's 2nd single helped pay for the nice facilities. Kozo Ukita, Kisara Nanjo, and Shiratori were still having problems with relationship and Freya's jealously made it worse as she knocked Ikki Takeda's bottle at Ukita. Takeda explained to Kenichi that Ukita wouldn't listen to him about Shiratori actually being a woman. Suddenly, Rachel Stanley arrived to see the meeting thanks to Chikage Kushinada who came with her. Rachel saw Natsu Tanimoto playing a game of Othello against Honoka Shirahama. Rachel was about to tell everyone that Hermit was part of YOMI, but Miu didn't want her to say anything about Hermit and Chikage being part of YOMI. The sub-division members wanted her to leave, but Kenichi decided to let her stay for helping him find Miu in Tidat, greatly surprising her and even moving her from the thought of having friends. Suddenly; Hermit, Rachel, and Chikage got a text telling them to come back to YOMI Headquarters and each of them left in a limosine. At the Yami Headquarters, the three got into their fighting outfits and walked in with Odin and two people in silhouette. The disciples saw Mikumo Kushinada explaining that they should meet with some people as most of members of YOMI were defeated by the Katsujinken with bare hands. They were attacked by flying shuriken, but all them parry or caught the shuriken. One of the shadowed people revealed to be Berseker as he caught the weapon with his teeth and chewed it with his bubble gum while explained that YOMI was being underestimated.

Major FightsEdit

  • Kenichi vs Berserker
  • Miu vs Rimi
  • Takeda vs Lugh
  • Freya vs Ryuto
  • Renka vs Rachel
  • Kisara vs Chikage
  • Siegfried vs Hermit

Story ImpactEdit

  • It's confirmed that Berserker is a member of YOMI and is one of Ogata's disciples. His name is revealed to be Shougo Kitsukawa and has had his "personal style" improved greatly from YOMI's training.
  • The final member of Titan is revealed to be named Lugh.
  • Miu has finally gained control over her Dou ki.
  • Rimi and Ryuto leave YOMI
  • Takeda has now become strong enough to fight on par with YOMI members and defeat Lugh. He's also learned how to release his Sei ki.
  • Tsutomu Tanaka has reached the level of master. His past is revealed that Ogata didn't just murder his master, but his wife and unborn child in the process. He later dies in his death match with Ogata, but not before telling Kenichi to never be like him.
  • All the Shinpaku have gotten strong enough to fight against YOMI.
  • The weapon's team now makes their move.



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