This Unnamed Girl is a member of a distinguished family of the Kuremisago Clan.


She has a small breast size and is fairly tall, she wears a black leotard with arm, shoulder and leg guards.


She appears to be a little cocky.

Yami/Yomi SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

She was present along side her partner behind Satomi Kajima as they are present as he leads the YOMI and Hachiō Danzaiba disciples to battle. She was later seen with Kajima as he leads Miu, Kenichi and Niijima into the base. After Kajima engages Kenichi in battle, she and her partner fight Miu.

Miu is having trouble fending off her opponents, whose attacks seem to be increasing in ferocity. she finds an opening and attacks them with Fūrinji Kōhō Yoku. Miu's attack is cut short as her opponents are able to grab her leg and stop her rotation, and she is lifted off the ground and left vulnerable; she notices that the Kuremisago disciples have unleashed their Dou ki.

With Miu and Kenichi wishing to help Niijima, their battle progresses towards Niijima's location. Once they arrive at Saiga's location, Miu manages to defeat her opponents thanks to her mastery of her Dou ki, though she is worn out from the fighting.


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