The YOMI in School Arc is the nineteenth arc in the manga series and the eighth arc in the Yami/YOMI Saga.


New Semester, New EnemiesEdit

The arc begins with Kenichi Shirahama running late for his second year at high school. He accidentally touched Miu Fūrinji from behind which made her throw him, but this time Kenichi landed on his feet. His parents got a certificate made by Apachai Hopachai that he won the DofD Tournament. Kisara Nanjō was promoted to the 3rd year of high school, but Ikki Takeda and Kōzō Ukita didn't graduate, because of being delinquents and that they didn’t study. Some 1st year delinquents were picking on Kenichi until Haruo Niijima and his men came and told them that Kenichi was in the Shinpaku Alliance. At Ryouzanpaku, while some of the masters were thinking that Yami or YOMI hasn’t attack, since they were fighting each other. But the elder knew that it was the calm before the storm. Back at school, the students had gathered and saw that some foreign exchange students appeared in school. But Kenichi and his friends were shocked when they saw that four YOMI students are now attending the school. The ones attending were Boris Ivanov, Tirawit Kōkin (Narashima), Rachel Stanley (Castor) and Ethan Stanley (Pollux) as second year students. Tirawit came to Kenichi and told him that YOMI will destroy everyone at the school in ninety minutes by showing them that Satsujinken is the true martial arts. Also Tirawit told Kenichi that even though he’s not YOMI’s leader, he’s stronger than Shō Kanō. Kenichi rushed over to Ryouzanpaku dojo to tell them that YOMI is at his school. Akisame Kōetsuji had him do more training to improve. Miu told Kenichi that they will defeat YOMI with the power of their Katsujinken. The next day at school, Rachel joined the Gymnastic Club and showed skills that challenge even Miu. Tirawit was attracting some ladies. Boris was forcing delinquents listen to the teacher. And Ethan had a silly makeover be done by girls. In the hallway, Kenichi saw Boris clean all the windows at school when he was suppose to clean only to windows in the classroom. Kenichi sensed someone behind, but had grabbed (unintentionally) one of Rachel’s breasts and kissed him on the cheek making Miu (who’s standing nearby) jealous. Outside, Daimonji and his friends were bullying Tirawit to hand over his money. But Tirawit shocked them all by bending the coins and analyzed everything about Daimonji by just looking in his eyes. Daimonji called in his gang to attack Tirawit.

Fist of Destruction, Alexander GaidarEdit

In Russia, Colonel Urakikov was warned about Yami, but he denied their existence. Suddenly, the Destructive Fist, Alexander Gaidar, showed up and assassinated him and the armed men inside the building. He jumped out and had Boris give him tissues to clean his hands. Boris informed Alexander that he has been elected the School Representative. Back in Tokyo, Kenichi wanted to tell Miu that he wanted to date her (after winning the DofD Tournament), but didn’t have the guts (though this was also due to the fact the elder promised he'd let him ask her out, but then reminded him that he must defeat him first, realizing the elder lied to him). Suddenly, Boris arrived by parachute then ate breakfast on his way to school. At Ryouzanpaku, Inspector Honmaki informed the masters about Colonel Urakikov’s assassination. Also Yami has some politicians supporting them as an idol which could give them power to control a whole nation. Honmaki then told them that the 49 men were killed by Alexander Gaidar. That night, Kenichi was sparring with Miu and tried using Ryusei Seikuken, but couldn’t find out what she is thinking and was defeated. Kenichi was still down on thinking that he may not keep his promise to Shō about protecting Miu, but Akisame said that ever since Kenichi came to Ryouzanpaku, Miu has gained a lot of expressions on her face. The masters then had Kenichi go with Shio Sakaki and Akisame to bodyguard a politician from Alexander. Kenichi went to get the emblem he got Boris in case he showed up. At a hotel, three arrived to protect the congresswoman. However, when they heard that they talked to Inspector Honmaki on the phone, Sakaki knew Yami had the information. They came to the room and saw that she was being kidnapped by Alexander. Sakaki went to chase them, but was stalled by fighting Alexander’s minions so Kenichi and Akisame chased after Alexander. Kenichi and Akisame arrived at an unfinished building with Boris and his men waiting for them. Akisame got past them to get to Alexander, but Boris chased him on his master’s orders. Kenichi then used Boris’ emblem to challenge him to a duel only for Boris to have his men fight instead. Kenichi defeated them with little effort. Boris sensed that Kenichi got stronger and wanted to fight him, but still had to stop Akisame under Alexander’s orders. Kenichi jumped in front of Boris to fight him. Alexander got to the top floor only to be greeted by a waiting Akisame. Boris grabbed Kenichi and was about to strangle him to death, but Kenichi pushed him away with his Elbow Lifting Palm. Suddenly, they saw Akisame and Alexander’s fight as Akisame bent the steel wires Alexander threw at him into an angel. Alexander threw the angel at Akisame, but Akisame sent it back at him bent as one of his statues and hit Alexander. They threw each other with counter-throws, but Akisame signaled Kenichi to rescue the congresswoman. Alexander had Boris get the congresswoman into the helicopter that had just arrived. Akisame showed his Jiu-jitsu technique to become invisible and attack with throws that Alexander couldn’t parry. Alexander decided to retreat with his Boris, but threw the congresswoman off the building. Luckily, Kenichi caught her and caught the rope Sakaki threw him when he arrived. Boris saw he was defeated by Kenichi in loyalty. At the ramen shop, Kenichi was scolded for doing something foolish, but was also congratulated for saving the congresswoman’s life.

Shinpaku Alliance MeetingEdit

At school, Kenichi was nervous about going to school with Boris after having a fight with him. Nijima used Hermit’s scouts to investigate the YOMI students. He then told Kenichi to come to the Shinpaku Alliance Meeting and bring Miu with him. At the Shinpaku Hideout, Miu was happy that she finally got invited to the Shinpaku Alliance. They then saw the building being remodeling after hearing that Kisara’s dad let them officially rent it and Siegfried paid for the remodeling. They came inside and saw the new training equipment and Hermit being bitten in the leg by Honoka Shirahama until Kenichi told her to stop. Then the other captains showed up for the meeting. Nijima told them that Freya is now a college student and has been teaching her own dojo now, Siegfried is now attending the Music Academy for the Second Year, and Thor has been continuing training in Sumo for publicity. Nijima informed Kenichi that YOMI believes the Shinpaku Alliance is now part of Ryouzanpaku, since they tried to invite them (except Ukita) to join them. The captains remembered that Kajima Satomi warned them that if they don’t join YOMI, they will die. Battle At the Sports Festival

At school, the students were participating in the Sports Festival as all students were prepared to participate. Nijima was informed by Takeda and Kisara that if they don’t respond to YOMI today, they’ll die. Ukita came first in the Tire Dragging Event though Kisara didn’t see. Kenichi threw the iron ball far in the Shot Put Event, but only Miu saw Kenichi threw the ball very far only for Ethan to catch it and threw it at the 40 centimeter mark. In the Calvary Battle, the challenge was to take the more bandanas than the other team. All the guys were participating with Kenichi on top of Takeda, Ukita, and a Shinpaku member for the white team; Natsu on top of Nijima, Matsui, and another Shinpaku member also for the white team; and Tirawit on top of Boris, Ethan, and another student for the red team. Nijima thought that YOMI would kill them in the Cavalry Battle to make it look like an accident. When it started, Tirawit’s group already stole most of the white team’s bandanas. Tirawit was about to get Kenichi, but he caught his hand. Ukita was about to attack the non YOMI student in the group, but they saw that Tirawit was only riding Boris and Ethan from the start. Natsu got off his “horse” and stopped Tirawit while grabbing some red team bandanas. Tirawit was analyzing Kenichi and backed off. Time was up and the White Team won with 2 survivors against 1. Kenichi noticed that Tirawit was using Muay Thai. In the other competitions, Rachel was disqualified at the Hurdles, but won the Pole Vault. Ethan won at Tug-o-War when Rachel forced him to show off. In the end of the festival, the overall score: White Team – 363 and Red Team – 362.

Trouble At Karate ClubEdit

Kenichi was watering some flowers until he saw Daimonji on the ground beaten up by Tirawit. He wanted Kenichi to help save the Karate Club, but it was a trap for an ambush. Daimonji told him that Tirawit (Narashima) trained the Karate Club to use Muay Thai and they follow him, but the Karate Club beat Daimonji when Narashima claimed he had no talent. The club attacked Kenichi with powerful attacks they learned from Narashima in such a short time, but got easily defeated. Tirawit suddenly appeared asked Kenichi how it feels to beat up ordinary people which were the Karate Club who learned nothing about defense. Kenichi and Tirawit started fighting and Kenichi noticed that Tirawit uses Ancient Muay Thai called Muay Boran. Kenichi remembered Apachai accidentally use it on Kenichi late one night. Kenichi thought of learning some of those techniques, but Akisame warned Kenichi that he doesn’t know what will happen, so Kenichi decided not to learn. Tirawit threw the unconscious fighters at Kenichi, but Kenichi caught them and put them down. Tirawit then teased to Kenichi that his body has already become a deadly weapon. Kenichi attacked when Tirawit dropped his guard only to be hit with Yan Erawan. Before losing consciousness, Tirawit said that even though he could beat Shō, Kenichi couldn’t beat him. Tirawit checked Kenichi and confirmed that he is dead. Outside, Daimonji was running away and thought Kenichi will die until he tripped over Kenichi’s water pot and remembered that he was just treated the same way he treated Kenichi when he joined the Karate Club. He ran back to get Kenichi some help and went to the Shinpaku Meeting Room. Daimonji informed Nijima that Kenichi is in trouble. When they got to the Karate Club, they saw Kenichi dead. Nijima was about to do CPR until Akisame and Apachai came to save Kenichi. Akisame complimented Daimonji for being brave just before Miu came and saw what happened. At Yami Headquarters, Tirawit was playing chess against Kajima Satomi after informing him that he killed Kenichi. Kajima believed that Tirawit was wrong, but Tirawit was certain that Kenichi had died as a martial artist.

Cure For FearEdit

The arc begins at Ryouzanpaku a week after Kenichi Shirahama’s loss against Tirawit Kōkin, Miu Fūrinji came and saw that Kenichi had recovered so much that he was too energetic to sleep. Miu told Kenichi that Tirawit had moved to another school. Kenichi was about spar with Shio Sakaki, but the latter saw that Kenichi isn’t ready to fight yet. The masters gathered and found out that Tirawit had sown the Seeds of Terror into Kenichi’s heart and thought that Kenichi may leave the world of martial arts forever. The elder had Shigure take Kenichi with her on one of her sword hunting trips to help him get over his fears. Kenichi and Shigure arrived at an old village. Shigure told Kenichi they’re walking into a trap for Shigure’s head, but the elder allowed her to go into reckless situations. They shared a room at a messy hotel with rooms that have spears pop out of the edge of tatamis when someone steps on it. Shigure noticed that Kenichi is energetic, because his fear injury is still open when she examined him with her ki flow. She believed that Kenichi could be cured from that in the Weapons World. The two went into the mixed bath together for cleansing until they were attacked by some weapon users. Shigure hit them with her ribbon after soaking it in hot water and using it like a whip. Shigure then used the ribbon to grab her katana that she hid in a tree and defeated two of her opponents. She then took the scarab of her blade and defeated the last one with a quick draw slash. At the meeting point, Shigure explained to Kenichi that those assassins were just the first wave and that they’re not going home until she gets one of her father’s swords. They came across a bunch of people that were after Shigure’s head and katana that holds the secret of steel. Suddenly, Sai Kagerou of Yami appeared and instantly sliced someone when his Tsubanari made a sound. Even Shigure thought she couldn’t win against Kagerou when she was almost killed by him when she was a child. Shigure threw a shuriken at the bell around the men to let them see that they’re here. Shigure gave Kenichi arm guards that once belonged to Miu’s father. Kenichi then remembered his promise to Shō Kanō before dying and proceed to fight with Shigure. She easily defeated all those men while falling down and not killing any of them. Kenichi was scared when he had to face a samurai wielding a spear, but Shigure told him to use fear as a weapon to detect an enemy’s attack. Kenichi dodged the spear and almost got hit by his hidden sword. The samurai laughed at Kenichi for being insane for using any weapons, but Kenichi easily defeated him with Mubyoshi. Shigure found out Kenichi is not only afraid of dying, but also afraid of killing someone. She then took out all of the other weapon users except for Kagerou. Kenichi saw that Kagerou’s Seikuken was huge enough and Shigure had to put Tochūmaru down (showing that she’s serious). Kagerou attacked Shigure with a barrage of word strikes, but only sliced her jacket to pieces. Kagerou was happy that he can get serious in his fight with Shigure then used even faster slashes until Shigure threw a sai inside his sword’s guard. They brought the fight inside the hut while Kenichi and Touchmaru followed them inside. Shigure used her Shuriken Dance to attack Kagerou from behind only to have her kimono sliced apart. Touchmaru attacked Kagerou to save Shigure only to be knocked back with one finger. However, this made Shigure angry and decided to fight with the front side of her katana. She moved so fast that she fused with her blade and cut off some of Kagerou’s hair. They prepared for one last slash and fused their blades, but Shigure was the one victorious as Kagerou remembered that she was the child of the sword smith that made his blade. Shigure took Tsubanari as her prize before heading back. Back at Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi and Shigure returned. Sakaki, Akisame, Apachai, and Kensei Ma used their combined on Kenichi, but he withstood it. Shigure had Ma take care of Touchmaru though the mouse had only minor injuries. The elder told Kenichi he can keep the arm guards thinking he may need to use them again. Shigure was in her room cutting Tsubanari as part of her father’s legacy for her then Kenichi came in and thanked for what she did for him. Then Shigure smiled for the first time making Miu noticed Kenichi helped Shigure change. Invasion during a Beach Trip. Kenichi came back to his family after being away from them so long. Kenichi’s dad was worried that he is growing up so fast. At school, Yūka Izumi and the Shinpaku Alliance were glad that Kenichi quickly recovered after he was almost killed by Tirawit. Kenichi apologized to Mizunuma for not getting revenge for him, but Mizunuma told him that his master recovered enough to come back to his dojo. Then they ran into Boris who was getting chairs for Kyoko Ono and Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita had to help to avoid fighting in school. The YOMI students were enjoying school life though the Shinpaku Alliance was being cautious of them. Miss Ono invited Boris to the beach camp that the second year students were going which he thought was the perfect opportunity to kill Kenichi. At the beach camp, the boys (except Natsu) were competing in a 25 meter swimming race. Boris came in first, Kenichi in second, Ethan in third, and Nijima in fourth. In Russia, Alexander Gaidar came back after annihilating an entire battalion by himself and escorted by the army. He is glad that he’s back from destroying people that denied Yami’s existence and now had to wait for Boris to finish his mission. At night, Boris had to avoid Nijima’s sensors. Miss Ono came and told Boris to relax and act more like a regular student. He ran to get Miss Ono some food while remembering that he has to complete the mission. Natsu came to warn Kenichi that Boris’ troops came meaning that the final battle is starting. The next day, the students were grouped into 4-person teams. Boris wanted to go alone, but Miss Ono teamed him up with Shimayama and Tanaka. Kenichi and the Shinpaku Alliance members at the camp were ready for action. At the mountains; Kenichi, Miu, Nijima, Matsui, and Kurokawa were in one group on the B Course thinking Boris wasn’t going to reach them until the summit, but Boris had ambushed them. Boris attacked them with log and threw Kenichi with him off the cliff. Miu deflected the logs to keep the others safe, but then had to fight one of the Russian soldiers, Maxim, while Kenichi had to face Boris near the river in the valley. In Tanimoto’s group, Natsu noticed that some Russian soldiers were about to decapitate one of the teachers so he attacked them. Izumi (who was kept from going with Kenichi by Nijima) has unknowingly been saved by the Stanley Siblings. The Russian Soldiers told them they’re also working for Yami, but Rachel told them that she only works for her master, Diego Carlo. Boris had informed Kenichi that he planned to annihilate everyone from the school, since they’re related to the operation. Kensei Ma and Apachai were enjoying a bento made by Shigure after defeating a lot of soldiers in the mountains Suddenly, they realized that they only beat half of the troop and they split up to kill the students and teachers. Some soldiers surrounded Nijima, Matsui, and Kurokawa when Miu wasn’t around, but Nijima played his flute to summon Siegfried. Siegfried had been hiding for 28 hours to protect the Shinpaku Alliance. The soldiers had Siegfried on their list, but he believed that it won’t turn out as they planned. Hermit went all out on the three soldiers that were after his group. The Stanley Siblings had also finished off another group of soldiers. Miu took a while, but finished taking out Maxim who only had Master Class Endurance and went up to help Nijima and the others. Miss Ono saw Miu jump up and Maxim (who she thought was a Bear Man), but tripped over a log and fell off the clip. Luckily, she caught onto a branch only to be found by some more Russian soldiers when she called for help in Russian. Lieutenant Gergins wanted to have her pulled up and killed, but the branch broke and she fell into the river.

Akisame Koetsuki Vs. Alexander GaidarEdit

In Russia, Akisame came to the army base while Sakaki and some anti-Yami Russian soldiers were spying to see what's happening. Akisame had already taken out the guards while making it look like no one has come.  Akisame had cut off the power and when a soldier came to see what was going on, he saw all the other soldiers standing unconscious. A soldier had come in Alexander’s room to tell him that the Power Outage was only a false alarm. Alexander was shocked when the soldier asked about him sending a special force team to Japan with Headquarters’ Authorization, but it was really Akisame using the soldier as a ventriloquist dummy. Akisame informed Alexander that the Russian Government asked Akisame to arrest Alexander. Akisame drew first blood, but Alexander used a disappearing when he witnessed Akisame from their last battle. He threw Aksiame with his Thunderbolt in Extreme Winter Throw, but he survived. They used their disappearing moves at the same time. one of the soldiers woke up and was about to shoot, but Alexander ordered him not to. Alexander saw where Akisame was through the reflection of one of the soldier's eyes and caught him only to be thrown. Akisame had used his ki to force alexander's body to move to certain reflexes for collapsing. Akisame and Alexander had soon gotten serious then rushed to grab each other. When the smoke cleared, the conscious soldier soldier thought Alexander won, but lost when he lostconsciousness for two seconds by one of Akisame's strangling techniques. Akisame gave him the communicator and Alexander ordered his troops to withdraw from the mountains.

Kenichi Vs. Boris Vs. GerginsEdit

Boris told Kenichi that he was willing to kill the helpless teachers and students if under orders. Kenichi tried to run to protect everyone, but Boris blocked his path. Boris got through Kenichi’s powerful Seikuken by using combination attacks. Kenichi got out of Boris’ grip by using a powerful throw. Suddenly, they found Miss Ono falling into the river and she thought she saw them having fun. Gergins and two Russian soldiers showed up and told him that they had passed the time limit. Boris tried contacting the base on Alexander’s orders, but there was no response. Boris wanted Gergins to stop and inform all troops only for Gergins to ignore and went to kill Miss Ono. Luckily, Kenichi and Boris each knocked out a soldier that was next to Gergins. Gergins used many quick knife attacks without revealing any openings. Kenichi and Boris decided to work together and defeated Gergins by throwing him on his back. Boris called his troops to stop the mission only to find out that the Shinpaku Alliance had already defeated the men at the mountain. Kenichi and Boris took off their shirts to continue their battle. Kenichi was giving Boris many hard blows, but Boris managed to enter Kenichi’s Seikuken. Boris used his Combat Sambo to hit Kenichi with unexpected attacks. Kenichi tried using his Strongest Combo #1, but his throw got countered by Boris. Kenichi landed a blow with a Double Palm, but had footing in the water. Boris charged at Kenichi with a barrage of hits, but Kenichi caught Boris and kept strangling him until he lost conscious. Boris woke up and Kenichi gave him is communicator telling him that Alexander was contacting him. Alexander ordered him to cancel any connection to YOMI and don't bother to look for him as his last order. However, Boris went to look for his master, since he was ordered to not look after he disconnected any relation to YOMI. He then admitted that Kenichi was the winner of their fight.

War Is Over

Back in Russia, Alexander was handcuffed and saw the congresswoman was the one responsible for giving the government evidence for his arrest. The congresswoman explained to Akisame and Sakaki that Alexander will be taken to the Big Lock at the secret location that not even the One Shadow, Nine Fists could escape from. Back at the mountains in Japan, Kenichi was carrying Miss Ono to the peak where the others are waiting telling her that all the danger she saw was just her imagination and Boris left back to Russia. But, Boris ran alongside them telling him that he doesn’t want to raise suspicions and that he still has to obey Miss Ono’s mission. Everyone was at the beach having fun (even Boris) and YOMI wasn’t planning another attack though the Shinpaku Alliance didn’t let their guard down. Kensei Ma disguised himself as a random bystander and was helping Rachel get a lot of attention, but was soon chased off by Miu. Boris then told Shimayama and Tanaka to look after Miss Ono and maintain order in the classroom when he leaves. Back at school after the beach trip, Miss Ono was sad that Boris left for Russia after cleaning the windows last night. Some delinquents were talking in class, but Shimayama and Tanaka got everyone else to have them pay attention in class. Takeda was sad that he, Ukita, and Kisara weren’t able to come to the trip, but Nijima warned them that there are still 2 members of YOMI left in the school. One of the gteachers, Mr. Shinozaki, got beaten in Shogi by Chikage Kushinada, a student that has skipped grades to get into high school.

The Child ProdigyEdit

At Yami Headquarters, Kajima was telling Tirawit that Kenichi had defeated Boris. Tirawit wanted to fight Kenichi again and make sure to kill him this time, but Kajima told him to wait his turn like everyone else. Ryuuto told Kajima that Kenichi is an idiot that likes to talk big which Kajima thought was an interesting person to defeat three members of YOMI. At Ryouzanpaku, two YOMI emblems (Radin Jihan’s and Shō Kanō’s) were delivered to Kenichi. Sakaki and Kensei Ma were thinking of selling them, but Kenichi wanted to keep them as memories of dueling them. Kenichi wanted to relax knowing that Alexander Gaidar is sent to the Big Lock, but the elder told Kenichi to not let his guard down. At Shinpaku Headquarters, Nijima was informed that 5 YOMI members had entered Kouryou High School by former Ragnarok members Loki and Number 20. Four of the YOMI members they saw were transfer students, but they didn’t check that any of the freshmen was the fifth YOMI member. At Kouryou High School, Matsui was telling Nijima about the Chikage, the super genius that has skipped grades. Matsui asked some tough math questions that Chikage easily answered. Nijima then made a bet of their lunches to see if he could guess what’s in her bento. Nijima told her what he knows what’s in it by spying on her. Kenichi grabbed Nijima and Miu took the food back to give to the young genius, but she told her that Nijima won the lunch fair and square. Miu, Nijima and Matsui knew right away she was from YOMI, but Nijima didn’t want anyone else to know. Back at the dojo, Miu was talking to Shigure about not letting Kenichi fight Chikage, since Kenichi doesn’t want to fight women nor children. Back at school, Miu’s fears came true when she saw Chikage with Kenichi talking about plants and playing around together. Nijima whispered to Miu that he’ll try to lure her away from him, but Miu warned Nijima that child shouldn’t be underestimated. That night, Chikage has beaten a lot of guys from a different dojo. One guy tried to fight on all fours so she wouldn’t throw him, but Chikage defeated him with ease. Her master, Mikumo Kushinada, explained that Chikage uses Ryuu Jujitsu which is 100% skill and 0% strength. The next day at school, Miu was practicing some gymnastics at her club and 1 had copied her movements after watching her for a year. Miu suddenly saw Kenichi play around some more with Chikage. Miu wanted to eat lunch with Kenichi at their regular eating spot, but when Kenichi decided to bring Chikage, she ate with Nijima on the roof instead. Nijima told Miu that Chikage was a young genius in every way. Takeda, Kisara, and Ukita came to tell them that they couldn’t find the last YOMI member at school (not knowing it was Chikage). Back at Ryouzanpaku at night, Kenichi and Miu were watching the sky from Miu’s favorite spot. Kenichi told Miu that he knew Chikage was from YOMI and was being nice to her so she wouldn’t kill anyone. It was Kenichi’s own way of fighting.

Major FightsEdit

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