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Yo Tekai wears an eye patch over his right eye.


As Kaku Shin Ten usually remarks, Yo has a very strange sense of humor, such as when he backs out on attacking the Phoenix Alliance from seeing the red moon and actually sheds tears when Kaku comments that the Ryozanpaku team was so pitiful that it made him want to cry, though some of his statements could just be seriously reactions based on his own sentiments. During the fight against Ryozanpaku Team, as the stage was switched to a rural place with an old-looking small house, he claims that is his house, prompting confusion from a number of people and having him end the joke with "just kidding". He is the first one on the team to be defeated by Ryouzanpaku (specifically, Miu).

He is currently on the run with Kaku and Yinlin from the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance and is being sheltered by the Ma family. While riding a train with her teammates, he is unable to defend himself as effectively against the assassins sent after the three due to the narrow confines of the train. After Kei Retsumin is defeated by Apachai Hopachai, Yo works with Kaku and Yinlin as minimum wage workers in Uncle Hakubi's restaurant to repair the restaurant and to save their lives.

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