First Apperance: Battle 157

Martial Art: Chinese Kenpo (Chichouken)

Known User: Li Raichi

Zui Quan also known as Drunken fist is a martial art were the user mimicks a drunk person. This type of kenpo has so many styles that perform different ancient gods like zui ba sian (醉八仙 in Chinese which performing eight Taoist gods whilst drunk) which was used by Raichi and Tenmon. Zui Quan also have styles that perform Lao zi sun(魯智深),one of 108 outlaws gathered in Mount Liang (梁山泊,it name is copied by Ryōzanpaku dojo ) in the china.

Techniques:[edit | edit source]

  • KanshoushiRaichi performs a kanshoushi stance and strikes her opponent.
  • RansaiwaRaichi performs a backwards strike to her opponent's stomach, then turns and grabs her opponents legs and tosses them onto the ground.
  • ChoukarouRaichi turns and strikes her opponent's face and chest at the same time using her fist and her foot.
  • Tongkong Cechuaitui: A technique that is useful against submission holds. Raichi breaks free from the hold by jumping up in front of the opponent, then delivers a powerful kick to the opponent's face.
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